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Weather warning extended until tomorrow morning

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A yellow 'Be Aware' warning for heavy rain affecting mainly the West Midlands is in force at present and has been extended until 6am tomorrow morning.

The West Midlands may receive up to a third of the average monthly rainfall during this risk period.

The heaviest rain is currently pushing up from the SW, up to 60mm of rain expected there – that's a couple of inches. Strong winds pulling in with the rain as well, gusts 60-70mph across SW England.

The West Midlands fare better: 10-25mm rain expected. The East Midlands will be drier, but still with some heavy bursts of rain around.

The heaviest rain and the windiest weather is expected this evening and overnight into tomorrow morning.

So, after a fine start to the day for parts of Lincolnshire and around the Wash, cloud has been increasing across the SW Midlands. Temperatures have struggled to – a cool 8 to 10c, which will drop during the day as the cloud rolls in. It will feel cold in the wind and rain when it arrives.

Towards this evening, the focus of the rain is on the West Midlands. Overnight the cold air wraps round the precipitation to give wet snow in places, anywhere is at risk – mainly the Peak District.

The East Midlands remains drier but cloudy through the night. Some bursts of rain around at times, a fresh, locally strong wind blowing overnight, feeling chilly, lows of 4 to 6c.

Rain will tomorrow morning.

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