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The Jet Stream strikes again!

Image showing the position of the Jet Stream Photo: Met Office

The dreaded Jet Stream is causing problems again. May historically brings us changeable weather but this year the position of the Jet Stream is making things even worse – plus there are reports it could mean a miserable summer... more on that later, but first what is the Jet Stream?

The Jet Stream is a band of fast moving winds high up in the atmosphere which spans the whole sphere of the earth. It is constantly changing and determines the weather systems that come in from the Atlantic. If the Jet Stream sits to the North of us it guides the wet and windy weather further North to give us settled conditions. However at the moment it's sat to the South allowing the unsettled weather heading our way.

As you'll probably remember we've had six poor summers in a row and the Jet Stream has been responsible for many of these. Cast your mind back to June last year when we had all that wet weather and it was roughly sitting in the same position as it is now!

There have been stories this week suggesting that the position of the Jet Stream means this summer will also be a wash out, but it really is too early to predict. The Jet Stream can move fairly quickly over a matter of a few days so all is not lost! In fact there are hints the weather will improve over the coming weeks.

In order for the Jet Stream to shift, things would have to change in the Atlantic and the US as what happens there affects us. If there was a stronger push of the Jet Stream out of the US, the Jet Stream would fluctuate and move, improving our weather. To create this we would need a big temperature gradient between North and South of the US continent.

If the Jet Stream moves you'll be the first to know!!

Unsettled conditions to come over the next few days Credit: ITV News Central

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