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Humid, grey and damp night – slow start to Monday

Tonight's forecast

After a fairly pleasant day, low cloud and mist will develop more widely across the Central region. It will be quite grey by the end of the night with the scope for a spot of drizzle out of the cloud. Thickest cloud will be around the North Sea coasts, but with lows of 8 or 9c, 48f, it won't be a cold night. Nearer to 10 or 11c through cities like Nottingham and Birmingham.

The breeze increases overnight to 10-15mph by tomorrow morning.

Monday starts slow and grey, patchy rain or drizzle, mist retreating to the east coast. Brighter later but that could spark a sharp shower in places. Tops of 18 or 19c, warmer than of late and a couple of degrees above the seasonal average.

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