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A miserable start to the week – brighter by the evening

Dog Bertie enjoying the sun at Berrington Hall Photo: Gareth Gwilt
This morning

After a grey night, with the breeze increasing, Monday starts slow. Misty, grey and damp with patchy rain or drizzle. During the morning any overnight mist retreats to the coast and skies brighten from the west throughout the morning.

This afternoon

This brightness could spark a sharp shower in the afternoon but it will be mostly dry, highs 17 or 18c. The northerly breeze continues through the day but it will still feel fine and even warm in the sun, a couple of degrees above average. Certainly higher than of late.

After this, we have a quiet week, chasing cloud around. With high pressure to the west and low pressure to the east, we have a N/NW flow for the first half of the week. This is normally a cool feeling direction, but not so at present as the air originates in the mid-Atlantic. Fronts try to feed down on the flow, but the high is close enough to kill them off. However, it is still far enough away to allow cloud to filter down.The low moves a little closer in on Thursday bringing about a change to a cooler NE'erly wind direction and it becomes breezier and cooler for the second half of the week.

This week's outlook

So the start of the week will mainly be dry with the scope for brighter spells. Lots of dry, quite cloudy weather but pleasant enough in the sun. Risk of mainly patchy rain on Wednesday. Cooler and breezier after Thursday.

No night frosts.We are coming to the end of the tree pollen season now, grass pollen next. So we are between the two at present, but counts are expected to be low over the next few days; moderate on Tuesday.

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