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Warm start but cooling down

THIS WEEK: Low Pressure edges in over the next few days, dragging cold air, stronger winds and weak fronts. Photo:

Impressive temperatures to start the week but the thermometer will dip each day as the week wears on.

We are currently sandwiched between an area of High Pressure to the west and Low Pressure to the east.

This set up initially traps warm air to start the new working week - with highs Monday afternoon into the low 20's fahrenheit.

MONDAY: Forecast highs for the afternoon of 20th May 2013

Unfortunately Low Pressure edges in over the coming few days, allowing a colder, northerly airflow to develop. This will cool things down considerably by Thursday/Friday - with a 10 dagree dip in daytime temperatures compared to the start of the week. Rural areas could even get a touch of grass frost by Friday morning.

In addition to the cooler conditions expect cloudier skies from midweek, stronger winds and the increased risk of rain - especially for eastern areas. Western parts (further away from the Low) will fair better.

FRIDAY: Forecast highs for the afternoon of Friday 24th May 2013

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