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Turning cooler for the weekend

Today's temperatures. Photo: ITV Central
Temperatures falling by Friday. Credit: ITV Central

Temperatures will take a tumble as we move towards the Bank Holiday weekend with cooler air moving in from the north.

Today cloud is dominating the weather, we will see a few brighter spells here and there but the emphasis is on grey skies and occasional showers too although they will be very few and far between. It's still feeling fairly warm with highs of 15 or 16c.

This evening and overnight a few showers are still possible in the east but further west clear spells will develop.

Here especially around the Welsh Marches we can expect the lowest temperatures at around 5/6c. Further east it will feel humid again overnight with temperatures close to double figures.

Weather Outlook.

Tomorrow will be a cloudy start for us all with occasional showers especially across Lincolnshire where we'll see the thickest cloud.

The sunshine will gradually break through and we're in for a brighter day than today by the time with get into the afternoon.

There will be a noticeable breeze coming in from the North-West. Temperatures will hit 15c.

Thursday will bring us frequent showers, breezy conditions and a fresher feel. As Low Pressure on Friday will send us a spells of wet and windy weather too before it turns drier and brighter for Saturday.

Pollen levels low to moderate over the next few days. Credit: ITV Central

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