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Warning issued for gale force winds

Windy conditions forecast over the next few days Photo: PA

The Met Office has issued a Yellow Alert for strong winds tomorrow. Gusts of 40-50mph are possible. The wind will be particularly strong on the Lincolnshire coast. The wind will be accompanied by cloud and rain, all associated with an area of Low Pressure that is moving from Scandinavia across the North Sea in our direction.

Low Pressure is moving from Scandinavia across the North Sea in our direction. Credit: ITV News Central

This afternoon will be breezy too and unsettled with heavy showers. There could be some hail and thunder mixed in too especially across the East Midlands but everywhere is at risk of seeing some lively downpours. The good news is the showers will blow through quickly on the brisk wind giving us sunny spells in between. It is feeling cool today and we can expect highs of just 11c.

This evening the showers will ease, but it won't be dry for long because the Low Pressure will push in a band of rain from the NE. It will hit the East Midlands first, from the early hours before extending further West. On higher ground of the Peak District the rain could turn to snow, quite unusual seeing as we are almost in June! Everywhere will feel cold tonight with lows of 3/4c

A Met Office warning for wind Credit: ITV News Central

Tomorrow will be a grotty end to the week, cloudy and wet...oh and don't forget that strong wind! We will see some very wet weather for a time and even when the rain clears through the in the afternoon we will be left with heavy showers. Add in that cold wind remember it's coming in off he North Sea and it's going to feel cold! Highs of 10c make it a below the seasonal average.

The outlook for the Bank Holiday weekend Credit: ITV News Central

Now for some good news, we get all the grotty weather out of the way just in time for the weekend. Saturday will be dry with lighter winds and even some sunshine! Sunday looks much the same but it will feel chilly you might need you're coat on if your in charge of the bbq!

Bank Holiday Monday so far looks to be a cloudier but it will feel a little warmer than Saturday and Sunday.

Pollen outlook Credit: ITV News Central

The unsettled conditions will ensure pollen levels remain low over the next few days.

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