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Gale force winds forecast

Ratcliffe Power Station. Photo: Syd Spence
Pressure chart today showing low pressure to the south-west pushing wet and windy weather our way. Credit: ITV News Central
Pressure chart Thursday showing low pressure to the south-west pushing wet and windy weather our way. Credit: ITV News Central

The weather will stay very changeable over the next few days with gale force winds forecast for tomorrow. Low pressure is pushing wet and windy conditions our way from the South-West.

Today rain from overnight pushing away to the North-East will leave a legacy of cloud and bits and pieces of drizzly rain.

Gradually it will turn drier and brighter for the North but further South showers will develop. It will be a breezy afternoon too but it's coming in from a mild South-Westerly direction so it's feeling mild, if not muggy.

This evening will be cloudy with patchy, showery rain for some before it becomes drier overnight. It will be mild tonight with temperatures only dipping to the low teens.

The main feature overnight will be the wind which will increase and by tomorrow morning we can expect gusts of 40mph.

Tomorrow will be a day of cloud, occasional bright spells and showery rain on and off although the emphasis is on dry weather. It will be very windy with gale force gusts.

The Met Office are warning that the wind could be strong enough to bring branches of trees down and make driving conditions difficult especially for high sided vehicles.

The wind will gradually ease through the afternoon but we are still at risk of seeing a shower. It will feel a few degrees cooler than today with highs of 17c.

Outlook. Credit: ITV News Central

It will be dry by tomorrow evening but not for long as more rain will creep in from the South-West for the West Midlands on Friday, the East Midlands will get away with a mostly dry day just an occasional shower.

It's brolly weather if you're heading out on Friday night though across the region with more rain pushing in from the South-West.

It will be drier and brighter by Saturday but windy. More rain will move in from the South-West on Sunday. Temperatures will remain around average.

Pollen Report. Credit: ITV News Central

Despite the unsettled conditions we are in the peak of the grass pollen season so levels will remain at moderate.

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