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Two weather warnings for the Midlands

Showers across the West Midlands this afternoon Photo: ITV News Central

It's unusual to get weather warnings at this time of year, it's even more unusual to get two! Yellow warnings are in force across the north midlands for rain as some heavy thundery rain crosses this part of the region. Meanwhile another yellow warning is in force for strong winds further south, although these might not be as strong as previously thought.

Showers in the East Midlands this afternoon. Credit: ITV News Central

So the rest of the day is about watching out for wet and windy weather, there could be some bright spells in between. It will feel quite humid with highs in the mid teens, obviously cooler in the rain, showers and wind.

Overnight things calm down considerably with mainly clear skies but holding onto mild temperatures. By the end of the night more cloud arrives in the far west.

Friday begins with a warm front skirting the northwestern half of the region. This brings some light rain here, elsewhere, bright spells and showers. Into the afternoon the warm front clears to the north leaving bright or sunny spells across the midlands, just watch out for a few lively showers. Temperatures will be much like Thursday's with highs of 16-18C.

More wet and windy weather crosses the region overnight into Saturday before clearing to sunny spells and showers.

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