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Sunshine and showers this weekend

Sutton Coldfield Photo: Graham Rainbow

The weather will remain unsettled for this weekend with rain and showers moving in from the South-West and breezy conditions too. There are various areas of Low Pressure in the South and West that are bringing us the changeable weather however looking further ahead the trend is for things to settle down from Wednesday onwards, at least for a few days!

Today expect sunshine and some showers that will be fairly light and blow through quickly in the brisk wind. It will feel pleasant in the sunshine at 16/17c.

An active cold front will bring us more rain overnight tonight Credit: ITV News Central

Tonight an active cold front will push west to east bringing wet and windy weather overnight and the potential for some very heavy bursts of rain. So if you're heading out take your brolly! The rain will arrive in the West Midlands from 11pm and spread east, slowly clearing by breakfast time. Behind the rain it will be drier and everywhere will be fairly mild with lows of 8c.

Tomorrow will be another day of sunshine and showers and breezy again too. Like today temperatures will hover around the mid-teens. Out of the showers and in the sunshine it will feel quite mild.

Unsettled weather to come Credit: ITV News Central

Sunday will be bright and breezy with occasional showers before it all goes wrong again early next week with cloudy and wet weather giving us a soggy start to the week.

Pollen levels at moderate Credit: ITV News Central

In any bright spells pollen levels will be moderate to high as we are in the peak of the grass pollen season

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