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Husband on trial for murder: 'It was an accident she was my wife'

Artist's impression shows Iain Lawrence as he took to the stand at Leicester Crown Court today Photo:

Iain Lawrence took to the witness stand at Leicester Crown Court today. He told the jury he married his wife Sally 12 years ago and they had a 10-year-old son. He said they were, in his words 'made for each other' and were soul mates. Mr Lawrence said their relationship deteriorated soon after he stopped working as an airline pilot in 2007.

They continued to live in the same house and last year Mrs Lawrence filed for a divorce. He told the jury they never had heated arguments and they discussed everything, including dividing up their finances, without he said, 'any anger'.

His defence barrister Mark Wall QC asked him "Did you ever use violence against Sally", "Never" he replied. He was then asked "Did you ever threaten Sally?" "Never", he replied.

Mr Lawrence spoke about his version of events of October 6th last year. He denied deliberately driving his car into a tree on Gartree road at Oadby in Leicestershire.

Mrs Lawrence, who was a passenger in the front seat, died at the scene. Mr Lawrence wept as he told the court "it was an accident. She's my wife. It was accident"Prosecutors claim her airbag had been disabled and her seatbelt was not fastened.Mr Lawrwence said moments before the crash, he felt a twinge in his left leg, pins and needles and a numbness which rose up from his calf to his thigh. He described it as a 'full blown spasm or cramp'. He said the pain, which he claimed to have experienced before, was excruciating.Mr Lawrwnce told the jury he gripped the steering wheel and his leg, which was stretched out, was, he said 'straight out on the accelerator'.

His said his wife shouted 'look out' and the car crashed. Mark Wall QC asked Mr Lawrence : "Did you plan to murder your wife last year" Mr Lawrence replied : "No" Mark Wall QC : "Did you make sure her seatbelt was disabled?", "No" he replied. Mark Wall: "And did you somehow release her seatbelt ?"Again, he said no.The trial continues.

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