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Man accused of murdering wife tells jury 'we were soul mates'

Sally Lawrence died after the car she was travelling in crashed into a tree in Leicestershire Photo:

A psychiatrist has told a jury how a man accused of murdering his wife recalled the events that led to her death.

Dr Tina Richardson said Iain Lawrence told that her that he did not deliberately crash his car into a tree, but collided after a leg spasm.

Dr Richardson said that Mr Lawrence described having a cramp before the collision and experiencing the 'worst possible pain imaginable'.

The court heard that after the spasm, Mr Lawrence straightened his leg, held on tight to the steering wheel, took his foot off the accelerator but he did not think about using his other foot to brake. He told Dr Richardson he 'froze and panicked'.

The car hit this tree on Gartree Road in Leicestershire in October 2012 Credit: Leicester Mercury

Giving evidence today, Iain Lawrence told the jury he was a commercial pilot until seven years ago. He said he then ran a number of businesses with a partner including a trailer rental firm, a fireworks business and a go-kart track at Stoughton.

Iain Lawrence said:

I first met Sally in 1993, we started going out in 1997 and married three years later. The first part of our marriage was very happy. We were soul mates, we were made for each other. Good friends and lovers.

– Iain Lawrence

The court heard that the Mr and Mrs Lawrence had a son called William, who was ten, and that Mrs Lawrence had two daughters, Jessica and Rosie, from a previous relationship.

Mr Lawrence said his marriage started to deteriorate soon after he stopped working as a pilot in 2007. He said he did not want a divorce and took his wife to the Maldives to try to 'reconcile the marriage'. He added that it did not work and he realised the marriage was finally over when Mrs Lawrence filed for divorce.

Defence barrister Mark Wall QC asked the former pilot:

'Did you ever use violence against Sally?'

Mr Lawrence : 'Never'

Mark Wall QC : 'Did you ever threaten Sally?'

Mr Lawrence : 'Never'

Mark Wall : 'Did you ever say 'You won't leave me?''

Mr Lawrence : 'No'

Mr Lawrence told the court he had no idea that Sally Lawrence was unfaithful to him.

He said he only realised an hour after he was released on bail on October 8th.

He denies murder. The trial continues.

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