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Police crack down on kerb crawlers in Birmingham

File picture: A prostitute leans to a road the car of a customer Photo: PA

West Midlands Police have launched an operation to crack down on kerb crawlers in Birmingham.

Forces from Edgbaston and Ladywood have joined together to tackle the problem in the so-called 'Hagley Road corridor'.

Once questioned by police, kerb crawlers will be encouraged to go to a rehabilitation scheme to get them to realise that their behaviour is abusive. The hard hitting course costs each offender £250, with part of that fee going to community groups in the areas affected.

Under the new scheme, those cautioned three times will be taken to court. where engagement support orders will be considered.

The orders ensure the sex workers liaise with police, health, education and other groups in an attempt to turn their lives around.

If they turn down the offer of support then criminal anti-social behaviour orders (CRASBOs') will be considered, banning the sex worker from the area.

Inspector Jason Wathes, from Harborne, said:

"We consulted over 200 households within the area and 85% of them believed that prostitution was a problem and that they wanted us to tackle it.

"Letters have been sent to affected residents and we will go back to them in around six months where we intend to conduct a further survey to see if this course of action is working."

– Inspector Jason Wathes