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Police cameras capture the action

Police bosses say the cameras are useful for court cases Photo: Rui Vieira/PA Archive/Press Association Images

Small cameras which attach to officers’ uniforms to enable them to view and record incidents as they happen, are proving vital when taking a case to court and getting justice for victims of crime.

Sgt Rob Randell, from the Leicester City Safer Neighbourhood Team, said: “Police use body cameras as they provide us with extremely important evidence. They enable us to get an even better and clearer image of the incidents and scenes that we attend.

“These cameras benefit victims hugely, and I hope that they feel reassured that we are always looking for new ways to investigate and detect the crimes they report. CCTV can prove to be invaluable in court and also in identifying those criminals who cause misery to members of the public; it really is a vital element of policing.”

"We will gather as much evidence as possible from a scene but cameras provide a case with evidence that you cannot get anywhere else, giving a clear picture of an incident unfolding. This is vital in deterring, investigating and detecting crimes of all types, from drugs offences to domestic incidents, and to have the best technology available will help us do just that.”

Chief Inspector Duncan Cullen, an operations lead in the county area, said: “Late last year officers in the city trialled the use of body cameras and it is following the success of that trial that officers across the county are now being trained to use them. Once all officers have been trained they will be available to every operational officer across the county.”