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Why is it so cloudy?

Wondering where summer has gone? It's all down to high pressure sitting to the south of us. Otherwise known as an Azores High. This pressure system is slipping further south which is allowing weather fronts to move in over the top of it bringing warm air our way that originates in the Caribbean. Now, because this air is travelling across the Atlantic, it's picking up lots of moisture which is producing the cloud we currently have sitting over us.

patchy rain moving south through this afternoon

Various weather fronts will move through over the next 24 hours which means for this afternoon, tonight and tomorrow it will be cloudy with outbreaks of light, patchy rain. It will also feel quite muggy and humid. The wind will remain light. Temperatures will reach 18c by day and won't dip lower than 10c by night.

By the weekend the high pressure will move further east blocking the fronts and giving us drier and brighter weather. It will feel nice and warm over the weekend too with highs of 21c (70f).

Pollen levels will be moderate today and tomorrow but very high by the weekend.

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