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Warm, sunny weekend on its way

Poppies at Balsall Common Photo: Marian Squires

It is hard to believe with all the cloud and rain today, but we do have a decent weekend on the way with sunny spells and warm temperatures.

High Pressure is building in the South-West settling things down. It worth noting that it will not be wall to wall sunshine but there will be some good breaks in the cloud. You will find the best of the sunshine in eastern parts of the region.

North to south split Credit: ITV News Central

As for today, well the gardens will get a good watering at least as a Warm Front spreads North to South this morning bringing more cloud and outbreaks of rain. Then another front, this time a Cold Front will move into the north this afternoon bering more rain. All-in-all a wash out of a day but it will at least feel warm everywhere. In fact in the South-West where we are likely to see some sunny spells temperatures could hit 23 or 24c! Generally under the cloud and rain we are looking at temperatures in the high teens, it will feel quite humid.

Tonight the rain will clear by around 9pm and we will be in for a dry night. It will be cloudy and it will feel very muggy.

Tomorrow will be a much drier day with the best of the brightness in the east.

Tomorrow afternoon Credit: ITV News Central

Tomorrow afternoon we will see more breaks in the cloud than in the morning. It will feel warm again at 19/20c. But if you are heading to Nottingham for Armed Day it will be bright and feel warm and most importantly stay dry!

Sunday will be dry with sunny spells too, very similar to Saturday. On Sunday night cloud and patchy rain will spread through the region but so far Monday itself looks dry and bright.

Next week will be mixed with more rain expected by Tuesday.

Pollen levels will climb to very high over the weekend.

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