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Rain for Tuesday. Summer by the weekend

This week's weather is a mixed bag.

Despite some sunshine we have a westerly feed of Low Pressure systems from the Atlantic. These will bring spells of rain or showers and stronger winds.

Although the weather remains fairly unsettled over the next few days temperatures will not be too badly affected - the average or just below 18-21C.

TUESDAY: Cloudy skies and outbreaks of rain threaten from the west.


Cloudy skies and rain pushing east. Moderate to heavy spells for the west midlands, lighter and more patchy further east. Stronger winds from the south.

Wednesday & Thursday

A messy mixture. Cloudy and damp conditions replaced by brighter but showery weather from the west.

THIS WEEK: A feed of low pressure systems from the west. High pressure should build towards the UK by the end of the week.

There is quite a dramatic yet promising change on the way as we head towards the weekend.

The exciting news is that Low Pressure will be replaced by High Pressure, building from the southwest, by Friday.

At this stage it looks like the High could settle over us for some time. This means that by the weekend we are looking at dry weather. Bright weather with good spells of sunshine. Lighter winds will make it feel much warmer too

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