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With temperatures to rise, will we see a July heatwave in the Midlands?

The Park Estate in Nottingham Photo: Steve Adams

The last time we saw a decent summer with a run of dry, sunny and warm days was back in 2006.

So newspaper reports of a July heatwave have got everyone excited and I have received lots of emails and tweets asking if it's true!

We are certain that from Friday into next week the weather will be warm and settled.

The further ahead we look obviously there is more uncertainty in the forecast, however there are strong hints that the fine, summer weather will continue beyond next week.

Rain moves in over the next 24 hours Credit: ITV News Central

From Friday an Azores High will build.

This is a consistant area of high pressure that will have a major impact on our weather bringing dry conditions and high temperatures.

We won't necessarily see wall to wall sunshine but there will be plenty of sunny spells and it will feel very warm too with highs of 24c this weekend.

Weather turns warm towards the weekend Credit: ITV News Central

We need to wait a few days for that to arrive though because at the moment low pressure is in control building in the North-West and bringing cloud and rain our way.

Today patchy rain will move South and Eastwards arriving in the West Midlands from mid-afternoon and the East Midlands from late afternoon.

Sunny and warm this weekend Credit: ITV News Central

It will become more persistant through this evening before easing overnight. It will be mild overnight with temperatures in the low teens.

Tomorrow morning will start cloudy and grey with outbreaks of patchy light rain. It will become slightly brighter in the afternoon and feel a few degrees warmer than today.

Very warm weather predicted this weekend Credit: ITV News Central

The low pressure will then ease and move off into the North Sea before the next low pressure develops and pushes more rain our way tomorrow night leaving us with a cloudy and breezy Thursday with occasional outbreaks of rain.

It will turn dry, sunny and warm from Friday, pollen levels will be Moderate to High.

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