1. ITV Report

Sunny today. Slightly fresher midweek. Hot again for weekend.

Shardlow in the sunshine, Derbyshire. Photo: John Dear

High pressure is slap bang over the UK today so staying fine for the rest of the week - and possibly beyond!

Just a slight hiccup midweek, if you could call it that. A very weak cold front topples round the top of the high, pushing low cloud, mist and murk in across the east coast, turning things a little cloudier midweek and moderating temperatures. Feeling slightly fresher then on Wednesday and Thursday, but that will be very welcome to most of us.

For the rest of today, bright and sunny with most of any murkiness in the east having burnt off now.

Feeling hot with light winds, highs of 26 or 27c, 79 or 80f.

Very high pollen levels and UV.

Repeat performance tomorrow.

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