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Fine and sunny away from the east coast, any mist there burning off quickly.

Sun shines on Shepshed, Leicestershire. Photo: Julia Walker

Away from the east coast, it's another fine start to Tuesday. Lots of sun with any mist and fog in the east burning back to the North Sea. Light winds, unbroken sun for many by this afternoon, a repeat performance of yesterday, highs of 26c 77f.

Fine tonight, temperatures in the low teens celsius.

Tomorrow, slightly cloudier, more cloud across eastern areas, good sun remaining in the west but more in the way of sunny spells further east. Tricky to pin down the extent of potential cloud cover.

Thursday, cooler air but more in the way of sunny spells, so on balance, not so noticeable that it's cooler.

Hotting up again on Friday, cloudier around the east coast, but that will burn off to sunshine everywhere. Warming up for the weekend when indications are that we could potentially be into the low 30's celsius.

Weather outlook. Cloudier and murkier further east in the morning and overnight. Cloudiest day on Wednesday. Credit: Met Office

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