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Feeling fresher with a lot more cloud around

Wednesday morning is very much a contrast to yesterday through some parts of the region, feeling fresher with a lot more cloud around.

The best of the sunshine will always be through the south and the west of the Midlands today. Overcast in Lincolnshire this morning. Things brighten a little through the afternoon, highs 20c/68f in the east. Nearer 23c in the west and 25c in the south Midlands. This is as opposed to yesterday's 27 and 28c, so definitely fresher, which might come as a bit of a respite from the intense heat of the past few days. Still feeling warm though!

This morning's weather map Credit: ITV News Central
This afternoon's weather map Credit: ITV News Central

On Thursday and Friday we will see good sunny breaks, always cloudier further east.

On Saturday, another weak cold front pushes in from the north bringing more cloud and possibly an odd scattered shower later on as temperatures try to lift again.

Déja vu for the weekend, hot and sunny.

The outlook across the region Credit: ITV News Central

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