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Hot and sunny St Swithun's Day... but the question is: do we now get forty more days' worth?

Bailey and Olivia enjoying the sun at Spetchley Park and gardens in Worcester. Photo: Tammie Cornish

July 15th. St Swithun's Day. If it rains today then it will continue to do so for the next forty days. It's not going to happen. But I think you guessed that.

Sunniest further east on Monday morning. Temperatures rocket. Credit: ITV Central

After another muggy night, low cloud pushes in this morning across the East Midlands, Lincolnshire and Northamptonshire. It will burn back through the morning to give lots of sunshine again, sunniest weather across the North Midlands.

Less breezy than yesterday so Monday feels hotter than Sunday. Credit: ITV Central

Highs reach 28 or 29c, maybe nudging 30c in the East Midlands again, and with lighter winds than of late, it will feel hotter. Beware very strong UV. Pollution levels are also up in the heat.

High grass pollen counts too, the highest levels expected in the evening after the sun's been at work all day. You would expect counts to be even higher in this weather, but we have had some very high pollen levels throughout the season, so the grass pollen is almost spent and is now decreasing from the south, northwards.

Weather outlook: hot and sunny, cloudier Tuesday. Isolated shower possible midweek. Credit: ITV Central

Throughout Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday the high pressure holds on. There will be more cloud from time to time on Tuesday, with the very isolated chance of a downpour on Wednesday or Thursday. Generally however, hot and sunny, temperatures in the high 20's celsius.

Outlook for locations across the Central region over the next few days. Credit: Met Office

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