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The sunshine continues

It will be another hot day across our region, especially further inland.

Lots of sunshine for most of us all day, just some high level cloud making things a touch hazy in the East Midlands during the afternoon but that shouldn't affect temperatures, in fact they should be up compared to yesterday, around 27 or 28c/82f.

The outlook for the East Midlands Credit: ITV News Central
The outlook for the West Midlands Credit: ITV News Central

Wednesday through to Friday, the high pressure shimmies around and builds into the centre of the UK. By the end of the week it will be centred up over Scotland so might feed some low cloud down the North Sea and across the east coast later in the week, the outside risk of a shower over high ground, but generally hot, dry and sunny. A few more stuffy, sleepless nights on the cards!

Temperatures across the Midlands Credit: ITV News Central

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