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A settled first half of July with more sunshine to come

Kirk Hallam Photo: Steve Adams

It will stay dry and settled with plenty of sunshine around for the foreseeable future.

High pressure is very much in charge with wall to wall sunshine for many of us today and highs of around 30 degrees.

A very warm, dry and clear night to come tonight followed by a repeat tomorrow.

Lots of sunshine, dry, a very small risk of shower for the south west Midlands later on in the day.

July statistics to date

For the first half of the month we had many dry and sunny days, with light winds and maximum temperatures responding to strong sunshine - exceeding 30°C on several days.

Most parts of England and Wales received a little rain early in the month - so it has not been completely dry.

There are examples of completely dry months in some locations in the historical records - examples include April 2011, April 2007, August 1995, February 1986, April 1974, March 1961, September 1959, August 1947, August 1940, June 1925.

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