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Heatwave conditions in the Midlands

Deplhiniums the petals of which are dried and used for natural confetti taken in Wick Pershore Photo: Mike Griffiths, Rubery

At 32.2c in the SE, it was the hottest day of the year yesterday UK wide.

The hottest day in the ITV Central region so far was last Saturday 13th July at 30.7c in Pershore.

The East Midlands are still on Level 2 - stay aware and prepare - Heat-health watch warning, with an 80% chance of reaching heatwave status here. Through the West Midlands it's a 90% risk of reaching the heatwave threshold - Level 3 warning to take action and be aware. Criteria vary from region to region. For the Midlands, the threshold is temperatures which reach 30c on two consecutive days, with a minimum overnight value of 15c in between.

Deplhiniums in Wick Credit: Mike Griffiths, Rubery

Keep an eye on developments at the Met Office website where you will also find links to the NHS if you are concerned about the effects of the heat on your health.

For the remainder of today, there may be a little cloud building in the west and north of the Midlands but it will generally be bright, temperatures currently up to 28c in Coleshill, values still expected to peak at around 30c in the SW Midlands before the end of the day. Very little breeze, but always feeling fresher around the coasts.

UV is high with high grass pollen counts also, especially in the evenings. The grass pollen season finishes at the end of July, and at the moment we have a touch of nettle, dock and mugwort in the pollen warnings.

Warm overnight with hot sunny spells again tomorrow.

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