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Amended timetables in place from tomorrow during Nottingham re-signalling project

Amended timetables have been put in place during the re-signalling project at Nottingham station.

The new timetables will run for five weeks from 20th July 2013 to 25th August 2013.

The Nottingham re-signalling project Credit: East Midlands Trains

Changes are being made to the track, with 143 new signals being installed, it is hoped the work will improve the station and the connectivity to the city.

East Midlands Trains, Network Rail, Nottingham City Council and The Highways Agency have worked together on the re-signalling project to keep traffic moving along the A453 to East Midlands Parkway during this time.

Here is a list of the amended timetables:

East Midlands Trains have tried to maintain a service to Skegness throughout the summer season, running on 23 days out of 37.