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Weather latest: more wild weather strikes

Car completely submerged near Southwell in Nottingham Photo: Mike Sassi

A band of heavy rain, thunder and lightning hit parts of the East Midlands this evening.

Nottingham saw 35.6mm of rain within one hour causing flash flooding.

Supermarkets, pubs, homes and high streets were left underwater, gardens and roads caved in.

Buses and cars and people left stranded.

The bright echoes on the radar show the heaviest of the rain Credit: Met Office

The thunderstorms developed as air moving in from the Bay of Biscay containing lots of moisture collided with very hot and humid air across the East Midlands.

The heat giving all the moisture lots of energy to produce those intense downpours.

The thunderstorm is now heading East but will lose intensity the further it travels before moves away into the North Sea.

The rest of the night should be more settled but there is a still a risk of seeing some more showers tomorrow and they could again be heavy and thundery.

The Met Office have issued a Yellow Alert for heavy rain in place until 11pm tonight.

The next large band of rain will move through on Thursday which should be less widespread and more showery, although still the risk of some lively downpours.

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