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Anymore rain forecast?

Twyford, Evesham. Photo: Matt Jeffries

Last week high pressure gave us the dry and sunny weather. This week it is all about the low pressure normally associated with very unsettled conditions.

In our case, yes we will see some showers but also plenty of sunshine and warm temperatures.

Pressure chart shows humid air being pulled up from France. Credit: ITV News Central

The low pressure is sitting out to the west and the air circulates around it in an anti-clockwise direction which is pulling very moist and humid air up from France.

This is the perfect combination for showers which you'll notice appear in the forecast over the coming days.

Today will remain mostly dry, the showers few and far between but most likely in northern parts of the region.

If you catch one there is enough energy in the showers for a very heavy downpour. The wind will be light this afternoon and temperatures will hit 24/25c, so still feeling warm everywhere with some good prolonged spells of sunshine too.

Tonight any showers will ease to leave us with a dry night and clear spells. The light winds mean we could see some mist patches forming but they will quickly clear.

Friday afternoon weather map for East Midlands. Credit: ITV News Central
Friday afternoon weather map for West Midlands. Credit: ITV News Central

We will start Friday with plenty of sunshine and it will be dry.

The East Midlands will stay dry through the afternoon but there is a higher risk of catching a shower in the west.

Temperatures will reach around 24/25c again with light winds.

East Midlands weather outlook. Credit: ITV News Central
West Midlands weather outlook. Credit: ITV News Central

Saturday looks to be a lively day across the South of the country and for the East Midlands as a plume of warm air moves up from France with the potential of bringing us some very heavy downpours. The showers will be fewer and lighter in the West.

Sunday with be a day of sunshine and showers and the showery theme will continue into Monday.

Looking further ahead we aren't expecting any cold weather it should remain warm but the unsettled theme will continue with showers or longer spells of rain mixed in with the sunshine!

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