1. ITV Report

Fine night. Mainly dry start to Saturday. Heavy, thundery rain tomorrow night.

Trixie on The Roaches, Derbyshire. Photo: Arthur Lashford

The sunny spells should stay with us for a while into the evening before the sun sets around 9.07pm. 15 hours 51 minutes of daylight today if you are observing Ramadan.

Overnight it will be fine with clear spells, especially to the north and through the Welsh Marches where it may be a bit cooler than the general 15c. Cloud may start spilling into the south of the region later in the night.

Tomorrow then proves complicated.

Mainly fine and dry for much of Saturday morning, but sunshine becoming more limited as cloud builds further from the south. Parts of the East Midlands will start to see some showers late morning time; fine and bright in the north for longest. There is a big questionmark over how far north and west the rain is going to get but it could prove heavy and thundery later in the day and overnight tomorrow.

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