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Staying mainly fine until later tomorrow, then more heavy rain expected.

Is the sun 'baling' out for the weekend? Photo: John Oates

Low pressure is now firmly in charge which generally means 'sun and showers' but of course, life is never so simple.

Tomorrow's forecast looks very complicated with a warm and humid plume of air pushing up from the south. Thundery downpours are likely late tomorrow afternoon and overnight, but there is major uncertainty over how far north and west they will progress.

The difference between what we are expecting later tomorrow and the rain we had earlier this week is that the rain on Tuesday was more localised. Tomorrow it looks like being steady for a while, then heavy downpours, and there could be significant rainfall accumulations in a period of 12 hours. We expect a yellow 'Be Aware' weather warning to be issued by the Met Office in the next few hours.

For the rest of today, mainly fine and dry. Warm sunny spells at times, a pleasant feeling 24 or 25c, 77f. Possibly odd light scattered showers in the NW Midlands, but these will be very much the exception rather than the rule.

Fine overnight, cloud building from the south.

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