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Mainly fine start. Heavy, thundery showers later. Warm but feeling fresher.

Trent and Mersey canal at Shardlow Derbyshire. Photo: Syd Spence

There may be a bit of a blip in the weather this weekend, but don't write off summer just yet. More fine weather to come, but potentially alot of rain later today and tonight.

So after a straightforward night - fine and fairly warm - Saturday starts well, but generally looks rather complicated.

Mainly fine and dry for much of Saturday morning, but any sunshine becomes more limited as cloud builds from the south. Parts of the East Midlands will start to see some showers late morning time - Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire - but showers are more likely into the afternoon and will generally become more organised.

Fine and bright in the north for longest then, with the weather turning increasingly wet from the south, temperatures not as high as yesterday around 20-23c and dropping off in the heavier rain. There is a big questionmark over how far north and west the rain is going to push, but it could prove heavy and thundery on Saturday night with the possibility of significant rainfall amounts in a 12 hour period.

The rainfall earlier in the week was more variable and more localised than this rain which will be steady for a while with heavy downpours to follow.

Grass pollen: low to moderate over the next few days in the showers and on the wane.

Weather outlook for the East Midlands. Credit: ITV Central

Sunday and Monday: sun and showers, some heavy and localised. Breezy, feeling fresher than of late, but still warm.

Weather outlook for the West Midlands. Credit: ITV Central

On Tuesday, Atlantic fronts push north and east from the SW, but they will probably take most of the day to reach our region, so fine for much of Tuesday.

Weather for locations across the ITV Central region. Credit: ITV Central

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