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Five men found guilty of planting pipe bombs at homes

Five men, including two from Northern Ireland, have been found guilty of planting pipe bombs at the homes of people who worked for a Staffordshire businessman they were in dispute with.

Three homes were targeted as a way of intimidating him.

One pipe bomb was planted in the letterbox of a house in Blythe Bridge in Stoke on Trent last summer. It went off and shot across the drive.

Stoke men, Jason Taft, of Thorney Edge, Bagnall, Kevin Proctor, of Edge View Road, and Martin Drewery, of Sandy Lane, Brown Edge, have been found guilty.

Thomas Leslie, of Crumlin Road, Belfast, County Antrim, and Andrew Boal, of The Brae, Ballygowan, Newtownards, County Down in Northern Ireland, have also been found guilty.

CCTV footage showed them plotting to plant three bombs at the homes of employees of Jason Sherratt. They were in dispute with him over his recycling yard in Cheadle in Staffordshire.

42-year-old Jason Taft Credit: Staffordshire Police
35-year-old Thomas Leslie Credit: Staffordshire Police
32-year-old Andrew Boal Credit: Staffordshire Police
44-year-old Kevin Proctor Credit: Staffordshire Police
43-year-old Martin Drewery Credit: Staffordshire Police