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Best of Bank Holiday weather still to come

The best of the Bank Holiday sun is yet to come - good news for Penkridge Bank Holiday market tomorrow!

Any daytime showers die away this evening, but cloud spills across from the North Sea overnight. Staying dry, temperatures a degree or so up on the average, around 13-14c.

Lots of hazy sun in store for Bank Holiday Monday afternoon Credit: ITV Central

Tomorrow plays out in similar fashion to today, quite a cloudy start, but with low cloud breaking as temperatures rise.

By the afternoon, the mercury climbs to highs of 23-24c 75f with a lot of sun in evidence.

Penkridge Bank Holiday market by Amanda Whitmore Credit: Amanda Whitmore

There will be some cloud bubbling up to make that sun hazy at times, but these highs are a good 3-4 degrees celsius above average for the area, and for the time of year, so it will feel very warm.

Cloudier on Tuesday with the outside chance of a shower but then high pressure regains dominance so back to the 'cloud and brighter spells' combo.

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