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Best sun in the east today, but quite alot of cloud around. Feeling warm.

Colourful in Kimberley. Photo: Margaret Shore

This morning it will be quite cloudy, grey and misty in places with cloud breaking through the morning in the east. The west sees better, brighter breaks first thing, but it'll be cloudy further north.

Tuesday morning. Credit: ITV Central
Tuesday afternoon. Credit: ITV Central

Throughout the afternoon, the best of the sunshine will be found further east, up to 23c 73f. Feeling warm. It will generally be cloudier further west.

Weather outlook for the east of the ITV Central area. Credit: ITV Central

For the East Midlands, the remainder of the week looks like being mostly dry, but fairly cloudy, especially overnight and during the mornings. Thursday may possibly be favoured for some brighter breaks.

Weather outlook for the west of the ITV Central area. Credit: ITV Central

For the West Midlands, a front should have gone through by Wednesday morning so that looks like being the best day for brighter breaks. Maybe some cloud and rain later though.

On Friday, we expect thicker cloud and bits of rain or drizzle.

The detail is tricky because pressure will be relatively high further south for the next few days and because the fronts to the north are very weak and pulling down through the high, it's difficult to say whether they will give just cloud or an odd shower and, of course, how much. It would only take a little bit of a random factor to pep up any activity.

Pressure snapshot. Credit: Met Office
Weather outlook for a selection of locations across the region. Credit: Met Office

Generally there will be alot of dry weather around, but it will be cloudy. This cloud should break at times. Remaining warm throughout.

Margaret's blooming pretty garden in Kimberley! Credit: Margaret Shore.

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