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Quiet and dry weather on the way - but it will be chilly

After a hot spell earlier in the week and a wet day yesterday, pressure starts to build from the west over the next few days so lots of quiet, dry weather on the way. It will however be chilly.

Tonight, showers fade to bring in clear spells, though it will be chilly Credit: ITV Central

Throughout the rest of today, cloud continues to bubble up turning this morning's sunshine quite hazy at times, so this afternoon proves cloudier than this morning.

There will be bright spells with showers during the day, but they will be well scattered.

Sunday afternoon will be a general mix of sun and showers Credit: ITV Central

Winds will fall gentle to moderate and it will feel chilly, with below average highs of 16-17c, 63f.

Any showers fade this evening, so clear spells overnight and again feeling cool, with lows of 5-6c.

Sunny spells and showers tomorrow.

Paul Blackwell's rain-soaked garden in Loughborough Credit: Paul Blackwell

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