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Afternoon showers to ease off by tonight

Broadly speaking, it looks like a couple of days of sun and showers now for the Central region.

We've had low pressure over the Irish Sea during the last day or two and that remains close by, so still some unsettled weather around tomorrow.

The low is slowly going to fill and push eastwards during the rest of today. The occlusion you see will push cloud and showers in from the west.

There will be low pressure nearby Credit: ITV News Central

So, many of us were bathing in sunshine this morning and some parts continue to see bright spells this afternoon.

The heaviest showers so far are still in the west of the region, much of the east remaining dry for a little while longer, but showers just starting into the eastern side of the region now as they transfer across.

Temperatures are similar to yesterday's, around 15-16c, 61f, but should feel better in the lighter wind.

Tonight will see showers ease off, but it will be chilly with some mist Credit: ITV News Central

Between 6-9pm, most of the daytime showers should ease. It should be quite a good sunset tonight with skies clearing and odd shower clouds drifting around.

After dark, mostly dry, the outside risk of a shower. Feeling chilly, with one or two mist patches forming.

Bright spells and showers tomorrow, and it will be wetter than today.

Broadway Tower, on Broadway Hill, Worcestershire Credit: Graham Rainbow

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