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Watch out for a good sunset as showers subside

Sunset over Droitwich Spa Photo: by Linda Stephens

Most of the daytime showers should ease before 9pm.

With skies clearing and odd shower clouds drifting around, it should be quite a good sunset tonight, then it stays mainly dry after dark, just the outside risk of a shower, especially further west.

One or two mist or fog patches may develop, but they will be localised and will mainly form in more rural spots.

Chilly out in the countryside, down to 5c. Nearer 7-8c through towns and cities.

Monday afternoon will be generally cloudy and rainy on-and-off Credit: ITV News Central

Tomorrow morning any mist will soon burn off. After a bright start, cloud thickens from the west, rain pushing in during the morning. Cloudy and damp with brighter spells.

During Monday afternoon, there'll be further outbreaks of showery rain, some brightness, but still lots of cloud around.

Wetter than today but with similar temperatures.

Outlook for later in the week Credit: ITV News Central

Best day of the week in terms of brightness and dryness will be Tuesday.

A west / east split after that where the western side of the region will prove wetter than the east.

Sunset over Burton-on-Trent Credit: by James Dawes

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