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Wet today but set to be drier and brighter tomorrow

This week does not look too bad. No heatwave, but not a washout either. Fairly settled, but cloudy and drab at times.

Rather wet today, but drier and brighter tomorrow - and in fact, Tuesday will be the best day of the week in terms of sunshine and dry weather.

This morning, any overnight mist will burn off quickly. After a bright start, cloud thickens from the west, rain pushing in during the morning.

Monday will start out cloudy and damp, but sunnier further east Credit: ITV News Central

During Monday afternoon, there'll be further outbreaks of showery rain, some brightness, but still lots of cloud around.

Wetter than Sunday, but with similar temperatures.

By the afternoon it will be generally cloudy with some rain on and off Credit: ITV News Central

Tuesday sees the best of the sunshine this week, a gentle NW'erly breeze blowing. Mostly dry.

On Wednesday, the next front pushes thicker cloud in across the region from the west so always cloudier through the western side of ITV Central.

Brighter further east.

The outlook for the week shows Tuesday will be the best day for sun Credit: ITV News Central

On Thursday we maintain that west / east split with patchy, light rain pushing into the west.

It will be remaining mainly dry in the east of our patch.

A cloudy day though in general.

The outlook across the region Credit: ITV News Central

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