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Stafford Hospital six-figure payout for mother unable to care for her new baby

Candi Kaya from West Stafford Photo: ITV News Central

Doctors failed to spot the damage to Candi Kaya from West Stafford's bladder during a Caesarean section.

It has left her in constant pain and unable to work.

Candi underwent a planned caesarean in June 2008 with her fourth child, her daughter Hani.

When she woke up she realised something was wrong.

I was in lots of pain and it was noticed that there was some blood so they said they'd keep an eye on it but it was six days later when they found out my bladder was ruptured and the large bowel had basically rotted.

– Candi Kaya, Stafford Hospital patient

It left her with a range of complications and she needed several other treatments.

She was unable to care for her new baby, and it has left her unable to work.

It has taken five years to get a six-figure payout.

Candi Kaya's children Credit: Family handout

Candi was a full time mum who worked in the family business, no longer able to work, she needs help.

Her life has been devastated by this.

What she hopes is that by telling people what has happened, and being open, that lessons are learned.

The Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust has apologised saying:

I would like to apologise again to Ms Kaya and reiterate that we are committed to taking action to improve our practices where incidents such as this occur.

It has taken five years for a full payout and apology, but Candi says the money will help support her children, and she just hopes that lessons have been learnt.