1. ITV Report

Heavy rain Friday evening. Fine, cold Saturday. Wet and windy Sunday.

Greasley. Photo: Steve Adams

The next five days will be particularly unsettled with the first deep autumnal low of the season bringing strong winds and heavy rain on Sunday.

Saturday will certainly be the better day of the weekend, but certainly very cold.

Low pressure will also bring heavy rain later today. This then slips away SE'wards tomorrow, but returns on Sunday. By Tuesday it combines with a second low to bring more wind and rain.

After a cloudy start then with some glimmers of brightness over Lincolnshire, the afternoon continues cloudy with rain on and off, more nuisance value than anything else. Temperatures won't rise much from earlier morning values of 17-18c because of the cloud and rain.

This evening, a heavy pulse of rain moves through. It should push across the western side of the ITV Central region between 4-6pm. The eastern side between 5-7pm. The rain will be heavy and persistent, making for tricky driving conditions.

This area of rain lingers over the eastern side of the region overnight, but further west we see drier slots later on. Lows 8-10c, cooler in any clearer slots.

Brighter tomorrow, but very cold with a straight northerly airflow.

Wet and windy on Sunday.