1. ITV Report

Heavy rain this evening. Very chilly on Saturday. Wet and windy on Sunday.

Sun sets over the ITV Central region. Photo: Barry Jones

The weekend is here and Saturday will certainly be the better day of the two, but it will feel very cold with a straight northerly set up.

The low pressure which brought today's showers and rain slips away SE'wards tomorrow, but returns on Sunday. By Tuesday it combines with a second low to bring more wind and rain.

Low pressure brings rain tonight and then again on Sunday and next Tuesday. Credit: Met Office

The heavy rain is almost all the way across the western side of the ITV Central region and continues pushing eastwards for the next couple of hours. The rain will be heavy and persistent, making for tricky driving conditions. Take extra care.

This area of rain lingers over the eastern side of the region overnight, but further west we see drier slots later on. Lows 8-10c, cooler in any clearer slots.

The next five days will be particularly unsettled.

Saturday sees the remnants of cloud and outbreaks of rain lingering over the east of ITV Central. The wind starts to increase and it will not feel pleasant, very cool.

Brighter and drier further west, with that finer weather continuing to extend eastwards during the afternoon, temperatures in the low teens celsius, but feeling much colder with that bitter northerly wind and especially cold in the east.

Weather outlook. Credit: ITV Central

On Sunday, a deep low from the Atlantic drags in strong winds across the region. Rain also quickly pushes SE'wards across the country. Wet and windy, 10-15mm of rain expected locally.

The rain clears by Monday leaving us with a cool and showery start to the coming week. It will be brighter, but showers will be heavy at times. A windy day, cooler too at 14c, 57f.

Tuesday will be rather miserable, the low pressure never moves far away and it merges with a second low to give another pulse of heavy rain from the west , winds increasing once again.