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Wet and windy weather spreading south and east but it's feeling warmer

Thursday's weather forecast for The Midlands Photo: ITV Central

Prepare yourself for a soggy morning as a band of rain spreads south and eastwards. There is a silver lining though, it will feel warmer than the last few days and what's more once the rain has cleared the weather will settle down for the weekend.

Cloudy, wet and windy this morning across the East Midlands Credit: ITV Central
Wet and windy weather sweeping through the region this morning Credit: ITV Central
  • A wet morning as rain extends south and eastwards
  • Windy too
  • The heaviest rain will be in parts of the Peak District
Turning brighter behind the rain Credit: ITV Central
Turning brighter behind the rain Credit: ITV Central
  • Behind the rain some late afternoon sunshine especially in the West
  • Despite the wind and rain temperatures will be higher than of late, with a humid feel
Turning warmer this weekend Credit: ITV Central
  • As pressure builds the weather will settle down, turning drier and brighter this weekend
  • The will be some cloud around especially through the mornings of Friday, Saturday and Sunday
  • It will feel warmer than of late

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