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'Massive Mike' on the road to a healthy lifestyle

Mike the Golden Labrador is a shadow of his former self. Now in the hands of a new owner, Mike is getting the right food and exercise. However, earlier this year it was a quite a different story.

Mike was brought into the Dogs Trust rehoming centre in Loughborough. He was over nine stone in weight and he could not walk more than a hundred metres before getting out of breath.

Carol Ann Hercock is a vet. She says overweight dogs are becoming more common.

Mike was put on a special diet and a strict exercise regime. He had also fallen over on the ice so he needed to be careful while the injury healed. He exercised in a hydrotherapy suite - although he did have to lose weight before he could fit. It means he can burn calories without damaging his joints.

Mike using the hydrotherapy suite Credit: ITV News Central

Paolo Tarzaga, Mike's new owner, says Mike was on prescription diet dog food.

Mike had to get used to not having a chicken dinner every day, but now with a few months of eating healthily and exercising he is at last starting to look how a healthy dog should.