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Turning less humid over the next few days and more unsettled by the weekend

Trentham Gardens Photo: ITV Central

We're being attacked from North and South over the coming days. First of all a Cold Front is sinking Southward tonight bringing cooler temperatures and clearer air before Low Pressure dominates in the South West for the weekend bringing showery rain.

As for tonight

Cloudy with a few spots of drizzly rain Credit: ITV Central
  • A Cold Front will bring cloud and drizzly rain to much of the East Midlands and Staffordshire.
  • Elsewhere there will be lots of low, misty cloud
  • Most locations will be mild, the coolest temperatures further north
Bright in the East Credit: ITV Central
  • Tomorrow will be bright in eastern areas
  • It will be cloudy elsewhere with mist patches in the West Midlands
Cloudy with sunny spells, less humid Credit: ITV Central
  • The best of the brightness will be in the East
  • Cloudy with some bright spells across the West Midlands
  • Small chance of a shower
  • Feeling less humid
  • Temperatures will hit 18c
  • Winds will be light
Turning more unsettled this weekend Credit: ITV Central
  • FRIDAY: Dry with sunny spells, breezier
  • SATURDAY: Showery rain later in the day
  • SUNDAY: Showers in the South Midlands, drier further North

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