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Fine days. Misty nights. More sunshine on Sunday for the Midlands, but misty by night.

Blue skies over Hathern, Leicestershire. Photo: Syd Spence

After a sunny Saturday, it looks like the sun has his hat on again on Sunday!

We will have some lovely Saturday late evening sunshine, then a clear first half to the night with temperatures falling away to 4-6c out in the countryside. Shawbury and Benson will be particularly chilly spots. Nearer 10c through towns and cities. Then some mist and fog patches start to form later through the south and SE of the region and through parts of Lincolnshire.

SUNDAY MORNING. Credit: ITV News Central

On Sunday morning, any mist and fog lifts quickly to give another fine, bright day. Possibly some thicker cloud from time to time. Highs of 18c 64f - possibly 19-20c in any prolonged sunny spells.

SUNDAY AFTERNOON. Credit: ITV News Central

Monday will be fine again, but with some mist and murk at first, but winds will strengthen so this should not be much of an issue.

On Tuesday, there's the risk of thicker cloud as a weak weather front pulls in under the high. Not too bad, but cloudier than Monday.

Dry and bright on Wednesday.

Weather outlook for the ITV News Central region. Credit: ITV News Central

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