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A brisk northerly wind making it feel much cooler today. A few showers possible too.

Ellerdine Lake, Shropshire Photo: Sue and Frank Hickman

It will feel much cooler from today with a marked wind chill. The wind is swinging around to a northerly direction pulling in much fresher air and some showers too.

  • Dry and bright start
  • Showers developing later in the morning and becoming more widespread in the afternoon
  • The most noticeable thing about tomorrow is that the wind will change direction dragging in cold air from the North.
  • Temperatures 4/5 degrees lower that yesterday
  • Breezy
EAST MIDLANDS: Feeling cool with a few showers and brisk wind Credit: ITV Central
WEST MIDLANDS: Sunny spells, showers and a cool wind Credit: ITV Central
  • Tonight gusty winds especially around the east coast
  • Feeling much colder with clearing skies and northerly wind
  • A few showers
Feeling cooler Credit: ITV Central
  • Thursday: Showers in the East Midlands, drier and brighter in the West
  • Friday: Bright and breezy but cold in the wind
  • Saturday: Cloudy with outbreaks of rain and feeling cool

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