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Rachael Slack stabbing timeline

  • May 26, 2010 - Police detain Andrew Cairns under Mental Health Act after he refused to get out of Rachael Slack's car.
  • May 26, 2010 - A psychiatrist assessed Cairns as not suffering from any mental health issue.
Andrew Cairns was found dead alongside his ex-partner and son
  • May 27, 2010 - Police arrested Cairns after Rachael Slack said he had threatened to kill her. Officer believed they needed to do further investigations and released Cairns on conditional bail on the premise he did not contact Ms. Slack. Police also assessed Ms. Slack as being at high risk of homicide.
  • May 28, 2010 - A neighbour of Rachael Slack's contacted police and informed them Cairns was upset about not seeing his son.
Rachael Slack and her son, Auden Credit: Courtesy of Derby Telegraph
  • June 2, 2010 - Andrew Cairns tells his GP, "This is going to be the most important day of your career." Later that day, Cairns, Rachael Slack and their son, Auden, are found stabbed to death at her home in Holbrook, Derbyshire.
  • October 22, 2013 - Jury at an inquest into the stabbing of Rachael Slack and her son finds that she was unlawfully killed by her former partner Andrew Cairns and a failure by the police to tell her of the high risk to her life was a contributing factor.

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