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Queue at the bar? Order by app instead

A Nottinghamshire pub has become the first in Britain to take customers' orders by mobile phone - banishing the traditional crush at the bar for ever.

Punters at the Keyworth Tavern in Keyworth can now order drinks and have them brought to their table just by using an app downloaded on their smartphone.

Landlord Adrian Clarke delivers orders placed by the app Credit: Keyworth Tavern

The pub introduced the Orderella app last night and landlord Adrian Clarke says it's already been a hit with the regulars.

A group of customers even had a bet to see which would be quicker - ordering a drink on the phone or going up to the bar as normal.

The phone app won.

App vs queueing at the bar - customers have made bets on which is faster Credit: Keyworth Tavern

It's hoped the new 21st century way of buying a pint will put an end to the queuing up and jostling for position at the bar.

Staff hope it will also add to the pub atmosphere as customers will be able to carry on chatting with their friends rather than having to leave the table to get drinks.