1. ITV Report

Monday's detailed written forecast for the new week.

Making hay while the sun shines... Photo: David Atkinson

This week looks like being mostly changeable, cool and blowy - though not as windy as of late.

Monday evening and night should turn out largely dry and clear, just a few showers streaming through the Cheshire Gap into the NW of the ITV News Central region. Quite blowy and also cooler than of late, rurally 6-7c, nearer 8-9c through towns and cities.

Tuesday morning, a few showers mixed with sunny spells.

Tuesday afternoon, the showers mostly die away. A breezy day, cooler than of late at 10-11c which is the sort of value we'd expect for the time of year.

Weather outlook. Credit: ITV News Central

Wednesday: dry, bright, fine, chilly. Cloud and rain pushes in by evening time and winds strengthen.

Thursday: the system is slow to clear, but it's an improving situation. Turning drier and brighter through the day.

Friday: best day of the week. One or two blustery showers at first, but a dry, bright afternoon follows.

This weekend there is the possibility that another deep low pushing in, it is currently uncertain if it is of the same ilk as Atlantic Storm St Jude.