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Latest Midlands weather: Bright with chance of showers

Autumn leaves in Victoria Park, Leamington Spa Photo: Dave Atkinson

Today will be bright, with the chance of a shower, but feeling cool despite winds easing off.


Bright and mostly dry, with the chance of the odd shower drifting across the north west of the region. Feeling rather cool despite easing winds, under largely clearing skies into the evening. Top temperatures around 10 degrees Celsius.


Clear skies through the early part of the night, meaning it stays rather cold. Becoming increasingly cloudy and breezy overnight with some rain arriving towards dawn. Temperatures will drop as low as 2 degrees Celsius.


A wet and breezy start, with rain moving eastwards through the day, to leave a drier afternoon. Sunny spells and also the chance of blustery showers. Feeling rather cold in the wind, with top temperatures of 9 degrees Celsius.


Rain likely on Wednesday despite a dry start. Thursday will be brighter and drier, with some sunshine and the odd shower. Temperatures will be slightly higher than the start of the week, but windy throughout so still feeling quite chilly.

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